Gardening apron a tutorial for upcycling those old jeans!

I wanted to make a garden apron for a gift... but had no home decor fabric or any thick/sturdy fabric on hand, but my husband had just handed me a pair of old jeans the previous day and so I made those into this apron!

1. cut your legs open along one seam, then stitch the two legs together (as shown)

2. fold in half and then round the corners and cut to the size yu want your apron to be

3. cut those pockets off the jeans - no point having to sew your own when you can recycle the ones on the jeans! place over the apron base where you want them 

4. Make embellishments (dig deep into that huge fabric scrap pile and get creative!). Cleverly place them to cover holes and hide any stains. Then stitch on your embellishments. Remember that if you are sewing some onto pockets to take the pockets off the apron (hopefully you didn't stitch them on yet). We want the pockets to stay use able :)

4. once the embellishments are on, stitch on your pockets to the apron

 Then cut a piece of fabric for the backing (I used a sort of water resistant poly blend I had kick-en' around.). Pin and sew it right sides together - leave the top open

Waistband - forgot to take pics of this step... so you'll have to suffer through looking at my efforts in paint... sorry
(side note - when I worked at the school taking computerized notes in high school classes, sometimes the teacher would draw for the notes (science is hard to take notes in!) and so I would open paint and try to re-create the drawing and put in the arrows and notes and the kids almost always laughed at my drawings hard enough a few times that the teacher came to look at my screen... and laugh too... oh vie. )

sorry that is hard to read... can you click on the picture to make it larger? hopefully... it's fairly basic with the sewingng, and topstitching.

and that is how you can turn one pair of men's jeans (+ a bit of fabric) into a gardening apron!

sneak peek!!!

Went to the local thrift store this weekend and they had a box of brand new patterns - $1.00 each!!! I picked up as many as I had dollars for ! I'm excited to do some me sewing this fall

After much renovating the babes is in her own room tonight!!! Here is a little sneak peek! (full post will be coming up soon) So many diy's in this space and I LOVE how it turned out!

Fall Fairy Tunic

I Love tunics dresses in the summer and tunic shirts in the fall! I made this specifically for the babes fall wardrobe - after eyeing up this pattern for ages (LOVE the pattern btw, so easy to follow the directions, separate pattern pieces for each age - so no tracing and then cutting). I won the pattern in a great giveaway from this blog

Now with the thoughts of fall I know pink isn't everyone's first fall color choice... But I LOVE pink! and I knew I wanted to add a fall fairy to it, and pink goes perfectly with the fall colors in my humble opinion.

Here is a close up of my fall fairy. I drew the pattern for this fairy and cute it out on felt, used heat and bond to get the pieces to stick together and then onto the shirt, and finally hand stitched around it. Note her adorable acorn hat - love love love <3 

The back: (the pattern doesn't call for a button up, that is my own spin on things, mainly out of concern for the shirt going over my daughter's head with ease.)

Cute? I think so. Love it with her skinny jeans and slouchy hat!

The side detail. Snack cups slow her down long enough to get a non blurry pic! (nearly 14 months and busy busy all the time)

I just think it's cute that she wants to throw leaves over the edge of the deck.

Close up of the shoulder sleeve pleat 

Another view of the back:

since I made this with fall in mind I've entered it into 
Celebrate Color

PS. If there is interest I can scan in the fairy pattern so you can get it for yourself (for your own personal use)

Tip Junkie handmade projects

Hello Fall (ing apples)

So it's another pillow from me! (hope you dear readers aren't getting to bored of seeing them!). Our house renovations will be done this week and I wanted a cute fall pillow for our living room so I made a hello to  fall(ing apples) pillow!
It is made in the same fashion as my other pillows (owl pillow - free pattern pieces, whale game pillow )

I remember being a kid and eating crab apples off the tree and I love the crisp red against the natural background - it reminds me perfectly of fall!

First off pin the felt stems and leaves I stitched the stems by hand since they are kind of tiny for the machine.

Then pin on the apples. and stitch around the apples and then put in your green thread, stitch the leaves down with one line down the center and then a line going up to the top (I think it helps with looking like they are actually falling)

Here's a close up of the stitching 

On the back I used a orange thread for hemming the back flaps to tie in the fall look of the front. 

What have you been making for the fall?


Faux chenille blanket cheater

A cheater on faux chenille... sounds silly I know. But the tutorials I was reading for this suggested 4 yards of fabric! I did not have 4 yards of fabric - and live 40 minutes away from the nearest overpriced fabric shop.

But I made a blanket for my girl anyways! Want to know how...? 

4 receiving blankets! yep. Follow your basic tutorial for these pretty things but instead of using all that fabric grab 4 flannel receiving blankets you have kicking around (and if you were like me you got loads of these).

I also didn't have binding... so I used extra wide ribbon I picket up - 15yards (ish) for 1$ at a Micheals sale! It is not the 'proper' finish, but I think it looks cute enough, and my babes loves it!

Vintage Pattern Sewing

I picked up this 1977 Raggedy Ann pattern at a local thrift store! and I was so so excited since It looks perfect for fall with the long sleeve jumper dress and school girl apron over top that I had to buy it and make it! (confession - I actually bought this pattern years before I had my daughter because I loved it that much and "if I ever get a girl" I knew I wanted to make it!)

Here is the outfit! Made out od corduroy (also thrifted - $2.00!). I love the look and feel of corduroy in the fall time and I LOVED the color of it, a nice deep red looks perfect against the fall leaves (in my opinion). For an added bit of fun I also did a little embroidery on the apron, and am very pleased with it! A perfect fall mushroom and birds just completes the outfit without drawing all the attention to itself.

The apron has 4 pocket spaces along the front. In the next two pictures you can see the embroidery much easier.

It is my first embroidery attempt - so it's not perfect, but I still love it.

As you can see it's still a touch to big on my girl, so I think it'll be a thanksgiving outfit. 


And that is my fall outfit for my girl! Total cost $3.25 ($2 for the corduroy, $1 for the off white natural fabric, and $.25 for the pattern)

What do you think? Have you found any great thrift finds that are vintage but still cute?
Celebrate Color


Dairy and Egg Free Chocolate chip Cookies! (recipe)

You may have guessed by some of my previous posts that I cannot eat dairy. (dairy free coconut pineapple cupcakes). I used to be able to eat dairy, although I've always been sensitive to it, and then I got pregnant and about 2months in everything dairy started making me VERY sick! Sadly, it took me a month or two of getting sick when I ate to put two and two together. I thought when I had the babes I would be able to eat dairy again - no go, then I thought when I stop breastfeeding I'll be able to eat dairy again - again a no go. So I am now living a completely dairy free lifestyle! This means trying to find and make foods that still are tasty but also dairy free. It also means A LOT of label reading - you'd be surprised at how many things have dairy or 'hidden' dairy in them. I've also started experimenting  with egg free since I'm pretty sure I have a sensitivity to them as well.

And so here is a dairy and egg free chocolate chip cookie recipe that I think tastes amazing - and like "real" chocolate chip cookies!

2 1/2cups flour
1tsp. Baking soda
1/2 tsp. Baking powder
1/2 tsp. Salt
1 cup vegetable oil
1 1/2cups brown sugar (loosely pack)
1/2 cup white sugar
1tsp. vanilla
1/2 cup or so of dairy free chocolate chips (I used enjoy life chocolate chunk chips - and they are a bit expensive so I used 1/2cup but you could certainly use more)

Mix the above together (lightly)

Then to get a egg free dough you will have to replace that with:
2Tbsp. vinegar
2 tsp. baking soda Mix in a separate bowl/cup and mix and let fizz. When done fizzing add to the dough along with about 2Tbsp. of water.

Roll into 1"- 1.5" balls - do not flatten at all. and place on a lightly sprayed cookie sheet

Bake at 350 for about 9 minutes.

I got 2dozen cookies out of this recipe and then 10 cookie balls (that I put in the freezer to cook up when I want a fresh cookie treat!) Nothing is more comforting in the fall time than a warm cookie fresh out of the oven :)

YUM ! I LOVE that I have finally started to discover dairy free cooking and the potential it has! Although eating out is still impossible I find... Anyone else out there dairy free? How do you eat out? Do you have any favorite dairy free foods, sites, ideas for me? I'm just getting started in this journey and would love to hear from you!

The fall feathered fun hair accessory!

(ya, that's a real feather in the bobby pin hair fun!)

I decided for the fall time I wanted something fun for in my hair with a bit of color in it, but not too much. I don't know about you but come fall I tend to wear a lot more neutrals in my wardrobe and fun up my look with accessories. Something about feathers says fall to me, I think it's due to the birds flying south for the winter (I live in Canada and this is not a fun place to be in winter, as in -40 to -50 Celsius temperatures!).

Supply list:
  1. some heat and bond, fabric scraps (however large you want your feathers), 
  2. felt, 
  3. and a hair elastic or bobby pin.
  4. and a glue gun, needle, and thread and some scissors :)

You will need 7 felt circles if you want to do a flower, if you want this to be a very quick project you could just use a button instead of the rosette.

So there are many tutorial out there on how to do these flowers now (yay - because I had to take apart a flower I bought for $7 way bak in the day to figure out how to make these). Just in case you don't know how to do a flower here's a quick run down:

Fold your circle in half 

and then in half again 

and sew onto your circle. You will sew 4 of these quarter circles onto the bottom circle and then the fifth will be sewn into the middle. 

It's hard to see the fifth one here... but in the top of this post pic I think it shows it better.  

If you are doing a bobby pin vs. hair elastic make a little snip into the center of a felt circle.

If you chose the hair elastic route, stitch it on (we'll glue gun it in yet, but I like to stitch it in for an extra bit of strength)

Here you see the pieces, pre assembly. the feathers, the rosette with hair elastic stiched and ready to go, and the bottom circle.

You can see here I glued the feathers to the circle 

and then quickly put the rosette on top of it. 

and that's it - you are done!

Now you just need to figure out how you want to wear it! 

Enjoy! Hope you have a wonderful fall and fun dressing up the fall wardrobe with a feathery but of hair fun!
ps. I have access to more feathers... so if you want one leave a comment and I'll pick someone to mail a feather or few too! (so be as convincing as possible!)

entered into celebrate in color

and Fall Frenzy fun - link up your fall projects too!

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