Gearing up for fall!

I have a project upcoming that involves robots and love, and I have a few ideas for mama projects swirling in my head as well - that will hopefully see completion!

I started this yesterday (my 1st time embroidering!) and the fabric I will be paring it with! Hint it's a vintage thrift store pattern find I'm working with and the corduroy is also a thrift store find! One of the local thrift shops has a great craft section including unused fabrics, picked up enough corduroy for a 1T dress, bloomers, and some to spare for $2.00!

the craft sale

My fiend K and I set up at the local festival for a craft sale. I had me sewing on display and she does the cutest crochet berets, and kids hats with flowers (kids hats are only $10 and adults $20). The sale went ok, although I did not sell tons. The other sellers said that is completely normal for this festival though and that they pretty much only come for fun.  So next summer I'll hit up the larger festivals I think!
We did start a facebook business page though! (so hopefully we'll have some more sales there - feel free to like the page and check it out our wares)!

Side note: I love saying "wares" because it reminds me of Rocky and Bullwinkle and the episode where Bullwinkle has a pie stand (I think it was pie) and he is selling his wares.

Toddler pillow cases!

I made a couple of pillow covers for toddler bed sized pillows today!

Mermaid pillow:

and a sailboat pillow:

excited for future patterns!

I have a few patterns in my head that I want to create for the babes (although she has so many clothes). I may just end up making myself a few things instead! I did sign up to do a pattern test! I can hardly wait for it - it will be so cute in the fall with tights and long sleeves (I even picked up corduroy for this dress yesterday in a pretty light blue!)

In the mean time... I made these adorable little owls. They are a great scrap busting project! (saw a picture on pinterest and thought I can make that easily enough - 2 triangles sewn together, flip the pointy part down ans stitch to one side, then sew on the eyes/beak, and sew a running stitch to gather up the bottom, stuff, sew closed, and put a little felt over that gathered closing)

 I plan to sell them at  the craft sale - only a few more days... I'm so nervous and praying like crazy that I sell out! (ironically enough I want to use the craft sale $$ to buy Christmas presents... Although I may be doing more homemade stuffs this year - since we are on a much tighter budget this year with my staying home with the babes). I'm also wanting to set out some little cards or something with my email to hand out if people want for taking on a few custom orders. If anyone has suggestions for setting up for a craft sale and making this pretty - or any other suggestions please let me know! (this is my 1st one - hence my being nervous and writing about it so much). How do you attach price tags to things like the owls?

I have realized when it comes to making price tags for my crafting... (and for my card making, etc crafting) That I really want/need some sort of cutting machine! I put it on my Christmas list, but maybe if I manage to sell out at the craft sale I'll pick one up! (cricut? or silhouette?)

ps. if you haven't yet please please vote for me! (link here)

Great pinterest challenge ... please please vote me! (& giveaway bribe)

I entered a few projects (3 ,one in 3 of the 4 categories) and I would LOVE it if you would go and vote for my projects!!!!

sewing - pinafore apron top:

ombre birthday cake in the recipe category!

and the birthday banner I made for the babes birthday!

Please take a moment to vote for my project! If I win a category I'll do a giveaway!!!! (is that enough bribary to vote for me?)

the EVA bag - my own take on it

I used the tutorial for the eva bag for the idea of shape and sewing it together. I added my own into the project with the decorating! I used two colors of acrylic craft paint, some fabric medium, a toilet paper roll, paintbrush, and some masking tape.
Made out of canvas outer and cotton lining.

(the calculator had NOTHING to do with this project - other than giving it to the babes to keep her entertained when she tried to reach onto the table). It is important to mix the paint with fabric medium and then iron on the backside of the fabric to set it, especially if it may get wet/washed.

Bag 1:

Bag 2: 

I love crafting where I get to incorporate painting!

The apple picking dress

Made these 2 cute little dresses up over the past few days! I think they are adorable. (slowly getting ready for that craft sale! I have sooo much more I should sew! and then figure out a way to display stoofs and make them look pretty in the display, and figure out pricing! I dread the pricing I have no idea what to charge - I don't want to be overpriced and not sell anything, but at the same time I don't want to go to cheaply either, I need it to be worth my time +materials  )
The 1st is a size 1T and the 2nd a 2T. (buttons on the back)

The Sailboat Pillow! (project for a boy)

So those of you who read this blog regularly know that I have a girl, and that means very few boy projects! A month or so ago a friend of mine who's son is 2weeks younger than the babes asked me to make her son a sailboat pillow for his birthday and this is the result!

A close up (yes, the cloud does have a little stuffing in it for poofyness!):

I LOVE it! I drew the pattern and cut it out of felt and then hand stitched it on. and made the pillow in the same way as the owl pillow, and color matching pillow. I even added the little whale on the back with a little heart for the adorable birthday boy!

Adding that extra touch to a simple handmade dress !

The past few days I've been working on these two dresses (with nap times getting shorter it takes me a bit longer to accomplish anything!)

I saw this dress on pinterest and thought there is NO way I'm paying that for a simple dress I have the pattern for. (on sale for $46 - was originally $70!)

So I got out my good old simplicity pattern

Made a few changes, sewed on the front ruffles and I ended up with this! I haven't done the shoulder button yet (I need to go to the thrift store and find some vintage, am hoping flower shaped white buttons)

I then used that same pattern and added some ribbon and a flower to make this dress unique! (this one too is waiting for the perfect buttons)

I am finding as I sew more that adding these extra details and bits of creativity to the things I sew is what makes me feel accomplished in my sewing. What have you been doing lately to challenge yourself creatively?

Things I've been working on!

I was pinterest inspired this week to make a pinafore apron top. I like how it turned out although I would make a few changes to the "pattern" (I made it up as I went) if I decide to make another one.

I also made a peasant style shirt, it's tunic length for a 2T in size, however because of the looser fit I think it should fit up to a 3T no problem, but more as a shirt! (all french seams or finished seams too!)

This was my first time doing raglan style sleeves - I have no idea why I was so scared of them before - much easier than set in sleeves! I probably read every peasant shirt/dress/top tutorial out there before giving it a go though.

I also made 7 little pincushion mice! Pattern is from the book 1,2,3 sew.

I think they are cute although embroidery is so NOT my strength. haha. some look a little sad, but here's a close up of one of the cuter faces!

I wore this skirt I made awhile ago out this week! I think I like it pulled up as a high waisted skirt, originally I was wearing it on my hips and I think that is what threw me off of it. What do you think - is it ok - and not to homemade looking to wear out?

I look like I have arm muscles in this picture. Haha, Maybe carrying a 1year old around all the time will pay off... 

I'm also thinking about starting to sell some of my stuffs. via facebook or something??? I HATE pricing items though. I feel bad because fabric isn't cheap and things do take alot of time to do - especially since I've started doing all my stuff with french seams and double hems but I think people will think handmade stuff should be cheap - "because it's not store bought." Anyone have advice, thoughts, ideas, etc on the topic I would LOVE to hear it!

The birthday dress! How to.

Step one is to make your pattern. I used a dress that fits the babes perfectly and is a similar fabric to what I wanted to use and got my bodice pattern from that.

Because I wanted a drop waist style dress I extended the bodice in an A-line to the length that I wanted it to hit her at. and I cut the back piece so that it was a able to line up with under the armpits (plus an inch or 2 for hemming). Cut 2 bodice pieces and 1 back piece. 

Get your picture ready for the front. I used felt to do the cupcake and #1. I sewed ribbon strips to the cupcake top and then did french knots (so it look like it had sprinkles)

Stitch on the birthday fun-ness! I did a heart button - to look kinda like a cherry on top... I think it's cute.

after that has been stitched on place your straps down on the front piece (like pic)

then place your 2nd bodice piece over it and pin. and stitch from arm hole to arm hole.

Now take your back piece and double fold your hem and then shir I did 8 rows VERY close together. steam the shir so it gathers up a bit more.

pin your back and front together (I did french seams, so wrong sides together, stitch, turn and then stitch right sides together. )

For the bottom ruffle I used eyelet, double the length (ish) of the bottom of the dress. Gather it till it fits to the bottom of the dress.  

pin it inside the dress - Right sides together and sew it on.

and you are done! One first (or whatever birthday number you chose to do) birthday dress!

Beach Birthday Party Fun

I made the babes a birthday banner to hang so the party peoples could find us! (I made it reversible the other side has no letters so I can hang it up in her bedroom)

The cake. In my previous post you saw my cake inspiration and the cake fail (here is a picture to remind you of the fail). Note to those who did not read the previous post - do not try and do an ombre cake with berries for dye. you will get a pukey looking color (although delightfully flavored cake!)

After the cake fail I got some proper food coloring - the good stuff that is high concentrate. These are my 4 layers of baked cake 


And finally the finished product! I LOVE how it turned out and everyone seemed impressed with my fancy cake! (which made me happy - although maybe I probably should have just gone with the "wow that must have been so difficult" comments instead of explaining how simple it really was). I even made a little bunting banner for the cake.

Isn't it beautiful!

The babes enjoyed the cake! (and yes, my girl has a 2piece. I know many parents are anti-2piece... and I would probably do a 1piece more often but diaper changes with a wet swimsuit are difficult! I remember as a kid being in tears trying to get my wet bathing suit off before I wet myself. those things are like glue when wet)

My family, myself, the babes, and the husband (our child likely won't ever be a football quarterback)

The babes loved the beach and spent the entire day walking on the sand and playing in the water with us, and enjoying cake and presents and all our friends and family that came out to celebrate with us!

We had a picture spot set up 

The babes LOVED her modest mermaid doll I made her - yay! She showed it off to people and gave it lots of hugs!

the birthday dress I made her! (I was excited when people asked me where I bought it - as anyone who sews knows this is quite a compliment!) For you sewists out there I have a tutorial made and ready to go for this dress that will be out on the 10th of august!

Our thank-you favors for the kids were mini beach balls! I was happy to have a themed favor and I only forgot to give to one person who left a little early (but don't feel to badly for that child - I have one set aside for her!) 

and now my darling babes is one year old. I am looking forward to this next year, and hoping it doesn't fly by quite as quickly as the last!

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