Owl pillow ! (with a tutorial and pattern pieces)

We are in the process of making up our daughter's room and in that inspiration I made up this owl pillow cover for her new space! I made a tutorial with pattern pieces for you to - sew you can make your own too!

The pillow:

  1. Print out and cut your pattern pieces out of felt : pattern pieces part 1 and pattern pieces part 2
  2. cut 1 piece of fabric 13 1/4" x 13 1/4" (for a 12"x12" pillow form - I like having a bit of extra room for seam allowances)
  3. 2 pieces of fabric for the back of the pillow that measure 10 1/4"
*Please note that "pattern pieces part 1" the same page is up twice, I have no idea why or how to fix it - so only print out one page - you do not need double of everything.

I used some bias tape in my pillow but you could do a double fold over hem instead if you so desire.

and now onto the tutorial!

these are your pieces all laid out so you have a visual of the look you are going for. 

I have them separated like this because you will sew in a layer style
1. Sew the eye layers 
2. then place the eyes onto the body with the wings, pin that down where you think it looks nice and stitch on 
4. stitch on the wing heart and I put a little stuffing in there for added poof funness
3. stitch on the beak.  

Now I placed the branch and put the owl onto it (to make sure everything fit), pin that branch and leaves in place and stitch (machine stitched those on) 

when I stitched my leaves I liked to give them a bit of curve, I think it's a nice detailed touch. 

Now place your owl on and pin, and machine stitch around it.

When pinning the owl on do not forget about the feet! As you can see in the pic I made sure they are well tucked in that way you are sure to catch them in there when you sew!

The front of the pillow is now complete! I celebrated with some peanut butter toast, feel free to grab your favorite snack at this point :)

Now we will begin the back of the pillow!

Take one of your 10 1/4" pieces and put bias tape along the edge (remember one side is slightly longer than the other and this is the back side). If you use the extra narrow bias tape like I did be sure to pin it well and remove the pins as you come up to them for a tidier looking finish.

For the other back piece fold over and iron and then fold over and iron again for a tidy double fold hem.

Put your layers together, pillow front right side up, bias tape back piece right side down (facing the pillow front) and then lastly the hemmed back piece right side facing down. (as seen below)

pin and sew all the way around! No need to leave a spot for turning since you have a fold over back pillow.

Yay, the pillow is complete! and just in time as nap time is just finished!

So you can see the amount of cross over in the fold (because I hate it when the pillow form wants to pop out)

and that's it, now you just need to put in a 12"x12" pillow

FYI.  I did my sewing outside today! I was at my parents and my dad helped me move my machine and get it hooked up and they played with babes and it was absolutely wonderful to be able to sit in the sun and sew!

Visit thecsiproject.com

a busy week making things

This week we've had a few nice days and so that means more going outside with the babes and doing fun summery things, which means fewer nap times and less crafting.

I did get many felt flowers made for headbands, ponytails, and clippies (not sure which to do more of). Made these up over a few naptimes while watching Xena Warrior Princess (season 3)

I also made this adorable knot dress. It is a combination of 2 patterns from the book "Little Girls, Big Style". I love how it turned out, and I even did french seams and made it so there are no seams exposed. Very tidy. 

tote love!

I tested a little lizard king pattern- a tote bag. This is a GREAT pattern - seriously I love it! I have so many ideas of people I want to make one for and things I want to put in this tote. The instructions are very clearly written and the step by steps with pics are so easy to follow I made this tote in an hour and a half and that includes measuring and cutting and reading through the directions while taking notes for the pattern test! Great project if you are in the market for a great tutorial for a great tote, I'm certain you will not be disappointed with this one!

During afternoon nap time I made this tote (giant sized beach tote that took maybe an hour!). I LOVE pink!

 ps. yes that is a giant pocket on the front! I can hardly wait to bring babes to the beach!!

Make a Summer Lovin' Flamingo!

I love the idea of sewing a little something that you can slip a love note into, but wanted to make my own pattern and an original idea. So many cute owls out there but they seem so autumn-y, and so I decided I wanted a flamingo! They seem summery and fun in my mind.

Aren't they cute and fun! and notice the pockets? yep, perfect for summer love notes!

Side note: I've been trying very hard to convince my husband to get pink flamingos for the end of the driveway (so I can see the edges in the winter - everything looks the same in the winter white)- but he says "no way!" and now my dear husband will get a flamingo love note! buwhahaha. He'll love it though. really.


Cut out your pattern pieces. This is my first time uploading a pattern, so if it isn't working let me know and I'll try and fix it. Please note this is for personal use only please, and it should print up on 8.5"x11" and fill the page nicely.
You should have 2 main body pieces out of fabric (I used quilting cotton), 1 pink felt pocket, 1 black felt beak, 2 black felt legs (one with a foot one without).

The leg without a foot fold over and give it a few stitches to keep it so it looks like he's got his leg up and stitch the other end to the back of the footed leg.

Sew on the pocket, and I did a french knot for an eye, you could use a button or do whatever floats your boat.

Pin your beak in place, and the legs, and then pin your right sides together.

Sew around leaving a 2 inch hole for turning, turn your flamingo right side out and stuff it and stitch the opening closed (I hand stitch it)

Now put a little love note in that pocket and sneak it to someone you love! Cute!

do I or don't I??? give me your thoughts (please an thank-you!)

I know I haven't posted in a few days now, but I am still alive!
I've been trying to decide whether or not to get a table at the local festival's craft sale. It is only $15 for a table and goes from 10am - 4pm. I have never done anything like this before though and am nervous my stuff wouldn't sell, I am unsure about pricing things, and I have no idea how much stuff I would/should have. 

Any thoughts? ideas? opinions?

Ps. this is something I whipped up thinking about selling. It's a felt sun glass case! I took my largest pair of sunglasses and got the measurements (and they fit perfectly), then made my own pattern pieces. Cute?  

What to do with baby cereals the babes won't eat...

Make muffins!

I had bought babes this wheat, yogurt, blueberry baby cereal and was all excited to feed it to her - and when I did she shuddered at the 1st bite, and I thought maybe it was because it was a new flavor for her. However, at 10 bites in she was still shuddering with each bite. So my husband said I'd best chuck it because she didn't like it. I don't know about you but I hate wasting stuff, and so i thought maybe if I baked it into muffins she'd like it better! I searched the inter web for a recipe but found none so I made up my own and will share it with you!

Babes' Muffins

  1. 1 227g box of baby cereal (I used wheat, yogurt, blueberry cereal)
  2. 2 eggs
  3. 1/2 tsp. baking soda
  4. 1/2cup whole milk
  5. 1/2cup cooked quick oats porridge
  6.  1/8c olive oil
  7. 1cup flour 
Adjust your whole milk and flour as needed to get a sticky muffin batter consistency. put into muffin tins (I lined mine) and bake at 350 degrees F for about 12-15mins. Toothpick inserted should come out clean. 
These muffins are very soft when baked, babes can bite of a piece with just having her 4 front teeth.
Yield: about 18 depending on how you fill the cups

Babes LOVES them!

these I didn't fill the muffin cups more than 1/2:

and with these the muffin cups were closer to 3/4 filled and cooked a few extra minutes:

these muffins will "fall" a bit once they cool as they are a very soft muffin. Perfect for eaters with few teeth!

Getting ready for a baby shower!

My friend just had a very cute little baby boy and as it is her first child a baby shower needs to be planned! 
She has done her baby room in a jungle theme and so we (another friend and myself) are doing a jungle theme baby shower.

I'm doing a small diaper cake and since I want it to look fancified (budget only allows so many diapers) I thought I could add to the fancy of it with craftiness! I used this tutorial http://jessicapeck.blogspot.com/2009/12/doorway-puppet-show-felt-hand-puppets.html to make this adorable lion puppet!

I put the adorable lion on a poor woman's version of a diaper cake:

I think it looks cute, box of wipes in the center, diapers all around washcloths as grass and a puppet on top! 

I've also sewn a sleep sack (size 6-12 months so it should fit this April born baby right through winter). I LOVE the plaid - I think it looks lumberjack-ish!

A bib I also made, because we all have fancy summer things to go to and a colorful children's bib just doesn't say classy like a tuxedo bib does!

and for a chocolate dessert I tried making brownie cars... I will serve these just so you know since I don't have time to make anything else.but you should also know they looked cuter on pinterest.

The only thing left to do is wrap this all up and make buns (forgot I was supposed to bring those until just now)

easiest skirt ever, with a bit of bubble

Shirred bubbly skirt

Cute? You can make your own! It's so easy! I saw this tutorial on pinterest the other day, then I found a yard and a bit of this striped fabric at the thrift store for $1.50 that I loved and wanted to use for a me project. I also wanted a bit of "move" to my skirt while keeping the comfort of the shirred top, so I came up with this skirt today during babes morning nap!

My measures for this skirt were as follows: stripe fabric 20"x44" lining fabric 16"x44". I wear a size 0. You may want to measure yourself to get your own measurements. It will shrink up a several inches with the shirring, so I actually did the entire width of 1yd fabric and now I have extra for a dress for babes, I never trust my measurements and always give myself plenty of extra.

step 1. Pin and sew the top, step 2 is to pin and sew the bottom. Right sides together.

Turn your tube the right way out. Then pin the top edge where you will shirr. I find it best to do this for stability (especially since my strip fabric is a knit - the lining was plain broadcloth). Remove the pins as you go.

For shirring I just wind up my bobbin with elastic thread (same way as usual thread in the bobbin, I have a husqvarna emerald 116 - so easy to use BTW) and make sure you stitch with your top fabric looking up at you since that will be the regular thread side, elastic thread isn't all that pretty so we want to keep that underneath. 

this next pic shows you my shirring, I did 9 rows quite close together.

Next I made sure it would fit around me and not fall down, pinned that shirred tube of skirt together into an actual skirt and sewed the seam. and done! 

Not the fanciest skirt tutorial out there - but it's soooo comfy! and unlike elastic waistbands shirring won't dig in on your imaginary side chub :)

ps. don't you love it when you can sew with knits and not have to hem! I know I do...

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