more clothes!

A reversible skirt with a wavy border - very cute pattern from seamingly smitten . Very easy to sew with clear directions I made it in about an hour and I love that it's reversible so if something spills on one side I can switch to the other! and isn't the "paper bag" look at the top just cute! 

and then I made another warhol dress (this one for a friends girl) and I did a little bird embroidered onto it!
bird pattern is a freebie found here

Now onto get ready for another birthday and a baby shower. (and later this week do crafts for 2 wedding showers, I'm way to busy some weeks!)

pretty presents!

Getting ready for a wedding shower today with a good friend/sister in law and we made the "thanks for coming" gifts. We used the prudentbaby pinwheel tutorial and then we painted mini terracotta pots and planted a herb inside each pot. Aren't they cute! They match perfectly with the bright outdoor summery fun theme.

Another pretty and simple gift idea:

I used newspaper to wrap and made a knit scrap flower to embellish the card envelope on front. Yay simplicity!

Mini B knock off dress - tutorial!

this was the inspiration dress (that I love but couldn't spend $54 on and feel good about it):
A tutorial! and if I knew how I'd scan and attach a pattern for 6-12months ish in size, but I don't know how so hopefully you are aware of basic pattern drafting and maybe one day I'll figure out loading a pattern!
To start with I used a T that fits babes well and a dress. I got my top shape from the T (arm holes, neckline) and then the length from the dress and I did a basic dress shape as seen below. (and yes, I did eat a 1/2 a rainbow sprinkle angel food cake while I sewed and it was delicious!) I decided to go with the second (lower) line for the neckline. the bottom half of the front piece you will need to extend a few extra inches so you can have that cute gathered front in the center under the yoke.

 Here are the completed pattern pieces. 2 yokes, 1 front piece and one plain back dress piece, and one little rectangle bit for you button loopies.

I started my sewing off by stitching the yoke, right sides together stitch where I've shown with beautiful pink paint marks. My picture shows it already sewn, turned and ironed.  

Next I focused on the back piece, I made my own bias tape but you can use pre-bought (I would've if I had some that matched my fabric)I but the elastic in like that and then folded and sewed it towards the opening (you can see it better later on). In retrospect I could've done a much tidier job of a back closure but this worked at the time, in my mind. (and it was late at night, 10pm, by this point and babes woke me up at 6am in the morning so my brain was not functioning at full capacity)  

ta-da - the promised button loops

Now gather the front bottom dress in the center until it lines up with the yoke. (not if you wish to add detail to the yoke - I did a bit of embroidered flowers now is the time - so you won't see it on the inside) 

Iron the yoke hem where you did not sew it and sandwhich that bottom bit in there pin it well, to keep your ruffles neat and tidy and then and the biase tape around the arm bits and sew!

Note: I made sure when placing the kirt bottom of the front into the yoke that the armpits were the same length as the back dress piece for easy lining up later on.
Now sew biase tape on your back dress arm holes and then attach the shoulder seams.
My material was a bit fray-ish so I decided to do a french style seam. I pinned the wrong sides together and zig-zag stitched.
then turned it right sides together and sewed a line up (like a normal hem just be sure to give yourself a bit of extra rom so you don't see the zig-zag stitch line when you flip)

double fold and hem your bottom.

sew on your buttons

and you're done!

Isn't it cute! I am tempted to wake up babes to try it on her... but that would mean a rough night I fear, so I'll leave her sleep! Hope you enjoy making your own dress!
Any questions? Leave me a comment and I'l answer it the best I can.

And here is the dress on!

A great dairy and egg free dessert!

I based this recipe on "wacky" cake. However, I didn't want chocolate cake I wanted white cake and so I played aound and came up with this (and it tastes AWESOME!)

Coconut&Pineapple Wacky Cake

This recipe is super easy. Just throw all the ingredients in the mixer and mix.

  1. 3cups flour
  2. 1cup white sugar and 1cup brown sugar
  3. 2 tsp. baking soda
  4. 1tsp. salt
  5. 2 cups cold water
  6. 2 tablespoons vineager
  7. 1 tablespoon vanilla
  8. 1/3 to 1/2 cup coconut (based on how much you love coconut)
  9. 1 small tin crushed pineapple (or chunked cut into small pieces)
  10. approx 1/4c of the pineapple juice
  11. add in about an extra 1/4cup flour to get the batter back to a good cake batter consistency
and that's it. I put into cupcake tins and baked at 350degrees for 20mins (toothpick came out clean)

Enjoy! (it's hard to find a good dairy/egg free cake but I'm confident you'll love this one!)

robot love!

Last night I decided to sew (I mean why not? Saturday evening TV sucks!) and I made this little warhol dress. I LOVE how it turned out but thought it needed a little something so I tested out my robot love idea and painted a little guy on using the freezer paper technique. Oh, and the knit fabric was 99cents a meter!  

Then I used my robot on it's intended target, a plain onsie. It's part of a baby shower present for one of my close friends who just had a little boy. I think I'll paint the heart red though for a bit of a color pop.

Made my babes this dress tonight! from this tutorial (and free pattern)

I'm liking how it turned out, a bit plain but it'll make a perfect playdate dress!

One change I made from the instructions was a loop and button close keyhole on the back so it will go over babes head easier and i did two rows of shirring instead of elastic. I find shirring so much easier than making a casing and pulling elastic through.

birthday in a couple months, need ideas/thoughts

so my babes birthday is coming up... and I want her to have a cute outfit, something special for the cake smash pics. I am crafty but so scared of appliques and embroidery stuffs and we have a great local business that does really cute work ( So I'm thinking about ordering a special 1st birthday shirt!
I'm also thinking about the party, do I need a 1st birthday party? I want to do something, but nothing to difficult since she won't remember. I was thinking a beach day, BBQ. I want to do some crafts and or gift bags, somethig crafty of my own for this event! Any ideas?
What is fun at 1?

A summer romper

I LOVE the look of rompers but was afraid of making my own pattern for one and as anyone who follows this blog knows I often make up my own patterns (largely in part to being cheap or on a budget depedning on how you look at it).
Then this past week I was in the local thrift store and found a pattern for one (included is a dress, shirt with short or long sleeves and an overall pattern) all that in one pattern for 25cents! Bargain! I of course bought it and brought it home and was delighted to find it had all the pieces and a little less delighted to find all the pattern pieces were in german! I don't speak german. Thankfully the instructions were in english and I figured it out by looking at the front pattern picture. I Love how cute it is and can't wait to try it on babes! and it's a large 6-12month size so it should fit her into summer.

and an up close one so you can see some of the detail in the yoke. (yay fancy pattern term!)

ps. do you like my old lady fabric? I kinda do...

the spring top sew-a-long entry!

I made myself this ruffled front vest today out of old 'knit' shirts. I was worried I wouldn't have enough fabric but I even have a little left over! I like the ruffles and the different colors of them and the simple hook and loop close at the front - so I can wear it open or closed. I also really love that all my ruffles are perfectly lined up, I worked very hard on carefully pinning! I got the idea from a Forever 21 top I have.

I love easy breezy spring wear that looks great with jeans and capris and then will transition into summer and look cute with shorts and over a bikini top!

ps. want to make one? It's quite easy and hopefully I've explained it clearly. I know ruffled items aren't a very new concept and you've likely all seen a tutorial of some variety on the subject (I know I've seen plently out there when looking for ideas for my daughters wardrobe) so I've kept this pretty basic, if you have a question feel free to ask though!


a knock off embellished tank

Anyone go into Hollister and see this tank? with the cute side floral? I LOVED it and was tempted to buy it but could not get over the price tag of $29.50CDN! Yikes! A plain tank with an embellishment for $30! So I thought I could embellish my own tank fairly easily. Want to save $ too - then here is an easy how to.

I will no doubt be buying more tanks in different colors and finding different knit colors and I think I'll keep my eye open for some chiffon or tulle to add into the flower so it has a more "airy" feel. But with what I had on hand this is what I got:

and here's how you can make your own using scrap knit. Get a long-ish piece of knit fabric, fold it in half and cut slits.

 Roll it up, starting at the small end

I made 2 of these flowers

pin the flowers onto your tank wherever you like them to be and stitch in place


A little of this and a little of that!

I have not disappeared, I've just been feeling a bit under the weather lately and babes is keeping me very busy, she's getting into everything! I have been doing a little of this and a little of that so here are a few pics - hope you feel a little inspired. crafting can be alot of work, and so sometimes I do a few small projects to get myself in the crafting mood again.

My husband LOVES tea - seriously. When I make him tea and bring it to him (ya - I'm that awesome - sometimes...) I hate the trade off - one of us must hold the hot cup and so I made a Tea mug cozy!

the cup:

the cozy:

the cup is now cozy:

I also made babes some lentil meatloaves. She is not into pureed food very much anymore and so I've been feeling challenged to find foods for her that are healthy and that she can eat with fingers. I used split red lentils, spices, egg, and some leftover bolognase sauce. Then put into mini muffin tins and baked for 30mins. When I give it to her I break it into pieced but I find this recipe works very well and she doesn't choke on pieces (like she did with the mini meatballs I made).

We also had a birthday party that we didn't make it too, but I wanted to send a gift along anyways and maybe I'm the only one that struggles with card writing for a 2 year old - but I thought what 2year old actually wants a card anyways!? So I made a paper bag puppet for the card!

What do you do for childrens birthday cards? Do you also do a small easy craft instead? Any ideas for me on homemade baby finger friendly foods?

I've also been sewing my scraps together into 8"x8" squares to make an "ugly" quilt. I have NO idea how to quilt. I hope it's not much harder than sewing the squares together in rows and then sewing those rows together because that's what I'm planning on doing!

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