Does more fabric = more motivation?

I have been lacking in motivation this week. I did get an Easter dress done (although I'll likely have babes wear it before Easter). I keep wanting to sew more - but either can't decide what to make or look at my fabrics and think I love that print but for the pattern I want to do I really need a solid in ___ color. Maybe it's just me being silly but I think that if I had more fabrics that went together I'd get more sewn.

I did a pattern test for little lizard king patterns ( love her stuff. I'm tempted to splurge and buy the new sunsuit pattern from her shop. Anyways, pattern testing it is for me so I can try new patterns. This makes the 2nd pattern I've tested and hopefully I'll get to test more in the future! I think it looks pretty cute on my girl!

I made my own ribbon loops for the back - I wanted a natural look to go with the material and all the ribbon I have is very narrow or brightly colored.

And the next project I'm in the midst of making uses a vinyl tablecloth! I would have it finished but I've run out of bias tape. So hopefully I'll get to pick some up this weekend and then I can show it - and I've been taking pics as I go so anyone who wants can follow along and make one too - although it's not a terribly unique or difficult idea.

Easter on my mind!

The holiday seems very late this year, so that means lots of time to get ready!
I made this dress yesterday for babes for one of the upcoming gatherings. Since we are likely to have 3 gatherings I have 1 more dress left to make! (I've been sketching out my own design for the next one over the past week or so and just need to make a pattern now - hopefully it'll get done during naptime today)

I used simplicity pattern 3511. It's not very traditional "eastery" fabric but I think it looks cute and I even did a rolled flower clippie for her hair in the patterned fabric.

the back view - aren't the pearl snaps cute! I wrecked one trying to get them on with the good old spool and hammer technique, I think I'll invest in a snap plier soon.

and lastly an easter bunny! I made 2 and embroidered on the hearts,  my daughter's name on one and her cousin's name on the other ! I'm excited - even though I know the girls are too young to really understand.

overcoming my fear of sleeves and trying something new

I tried making buttons this past week, they turned out pretty good. I used preemo sculpey and found it easy enough to work with, however I expected the buttons to be a bit more clay like in solidness but they are actually more solid with a bit of give - like really hard rubber. I'm going to try and make them again but maybe a bit smaller. I also made a felt hair clippie for a friend's daughter.

I've always had a fear of sleeves and also bias tape and with this shirt I did both. I made my own pattern for the shirt and kept it simple. I think from now on I'm going to just buy the bias tape since making my own for this was a hassle and very time consuming.

a naptime skirt

Today was a short nap time but I managed to get this skirt sewn!
The skirt (size 1T - getting ready for the fall wardrobe!):

I LOVE it and everything about it! The reverse heart applique's, the ties at the waist, an actual waistband, the gathered skirt. Everything about it is just sew cute! and yet again it was a free project to make! I used 1/2 an old shirt for the skirt and the heart appliques are out of an old shirt I had used for a previous project.

and in case anyone is curious - the previous project:

Here are the very simple directions for the skirt. I drew these directions in paint since I didn't take pics as a went - but it's pretty simple so I think you get the idea. the only thing I forgot to mention was when putting the ties in put them low enough that you have an inch of foldover for the elastic casing, sew the casing, and put in the elastic. also make sure the ties aren't too low since you do need to attach the waistband to the skirt bottom.

1 old shirt 2 new items

I have a small collection on clothing that no longer gets worn that I'm using to make things for my girl to wear. (ps. I'm accepting donations -so think of me, not mcc!)
I had this one shirt from old navy that I bought YEARS ago that just... well it was just time to do something new with it since the fabric was fun just the style of it was not a good fit on me.

I used the body of the shirt to make the dress (which is about a 1T size) and then I used the sleeves to make the pants (also a 1T size). The excess scraps went to making bias tape for the neckline  and 'interfacing' for the armholes, and then the excess with the gold flowered fabric went into the ruffles on the front which are purely for fun.

side note: the flowers pattern that is on the front of the dress near the neck also wraps around onto the back!

what to do with scraps...

I have quite a collection already of fabric pieces that aren't large enough to get a shirt or dress for babes out of but that are just to large to throw away.
So I decided to make bibs!

You'll notice the button closure - which is a bit unusually for bibs but the reason is threefold, 1) I don't have snap pliers, 2) buttons are cheap and 3) babes always pulls velcro closure bibs off of herself.

Now if you look back at my very first post you'll see a pic of adorable girl dress-up bibs that I do, because a plain ol' bib just doesn't match the Sunday dress, or fancy occassions and I certainly don't want to get foods on her cute outfits so no bib is no option for us.
I love making these dress up bibs and giving them as gifts (or selling if someone wants) and so I excitedly waited for my close friend to tell me she was having a girl so I could make one for her - but no, it's going to be a boy (which is very exciting as well - boys are fun too!). However, this boy news forced me to think of what kind of bib is dressy for a boy and thus the tuxedo bib was born!

Ruffle Bummed Bottoms! (My very first tutorial!)

Here is the finished version of today's project!

Let's start this with a little confession - I have (had) a fear of making pants! I am not sure why but I thought they would just be awful to make and not turn out at all. And since this blog is to help me move forward with my crafting/sewing I though today would be a great day to get over that fear.

I decided to do a very simple trace, cut, & sew type of pant. I used an old long sleeve T I had in the refurbish pile and cut around a pair of babes tights. I left a bit extra on the end since my girl needs the length and I used the bottom hem of the shirt for the bottom hem of the tights (yay for saving steps), Also when you make yours don't forget to leave a few extra inches at the top for a casing (I did about 2 - I would recommend about 3 since 2 is a just fits kind of fit).

Next use your sleeves to make strips for ruffles. I got two strips out of each sleeve. cut the sleeve open and then cut out the seam. (hopefully you can tell what I mean by looking at the pic)

Now, fold each ruffle strip in half and set your stitch lenght the the longest and do not backstitch at either end and sew a straight stitch across each ruffle piece, gather the ruffle (by pulling bobbin threads on each side) till it fits perfectly with a bit of over hang across your pant top (to keep the gathers in I tie the 2 threads together in a knot), smooth out your gathers so it's fairly even looking in ruffledness.

Pin ruffle 1 near the bottom (on the good side) and sew in place, then pin ruffle 2 so it overlaps ruffle 1 a bit and sew - and keep going for all 4 ruffles.

Now put the 2 good sides of your pant pieces together and pin them very very well, and sew up the sides, and up the leg middles and the crotch area (I sewed over the inside of the legs twice just to reinforce it)

Fold your top part over at the top an 1/2inch- 1inch and sew your casing - don't forget to leave a spot unsewn so you can put your elastic thru. 
Side note: it is my great disappointment with these tights that I forgot to change my bobbin thread to black and now have white thread showing on the good side where I sewed the casing, so now would be a good time to make sure your bobbin color is one you want to show on your pants.

Feed your elastic thru using the trusted safety pin technique, stitch the elastic together, close off that opening, and you are done! now you just have to try them on your girl and admire that cute ruffled baby bum!

*note: I used a zigzag stitch for all sewing since I've heard that it will allow your knit to keep its stretchyness when sewn vs. a straight stitch that has no give to it.

Well, I hope that was clear as mud! any questions? Did you try it - how did yours turn out?

A blizzard outside, getting ready for beach season inside!

Today I had free time and so I decided to start on that exciting project I had for that link pink viole fabric (the one at the top of the stash) and this is it! A swim suit cover up!
A bit ironic of me to make I suppose since the reason for free time was being stuck at home due to a blizzard/ ice mess that closed the highways, but I can hardly wait for beach season to arrive!

ps. that button is my 1st try at doing my own fabric covered button! Picked up a set of make your own's for 20cents at the local thrift shop!

fabric mail and trying a pattern

You know what's exciting? Fabric mail! I shopped and got 17yards of fabric for $40, I've been not so patiently awaiting it's arrival and yesterday I got it!!! Here's a pic of the stash - I am so happy that I no longer have to do all my sewing in the same 3 prints, next time I think I'm going to get some more solid colors for mixing in with the prints and of course I'll likely get more prints and whatever is on sale. I have such a hard time paying more than $5/yard/meter. 

Along with my fabric coming I also got selected as a pattern tester for 's new pattern for a swing top and skirt and so I used some of my new fabric to make up that pattern! I think it turned out super cute and I LOVE the sash on the back. I'll probably make a few changes next time I make the pattern, but it was a very easy pattern to sew with great instructions. This outfit is still a bit big on babes but should fit her great by summer time!

front of the top and skirt:

back of the shirt:

ps. that light pink fabric right on the top of the stash pile - well my plan for that is pretty exciting!!!! I think I'm going to put that pattern together right now actually...

Welcome! an introduction of sorts.

Let's get this started by defining the word fiend: One who is completely absorbed in or obsessed with a given job or pastime. In my case, pastime.

That is a fairly accurate description of my crafting. My newest and probably most practical method of crafting is with my sewing machine, however I got my start in the arts! All though highschool I took art lessons and I still do love painting but since having my gorgeous babes I find I lack the time to actually paint.
Here are 2 of my paintings I have photographs of for you to see:

Sewing seemed like the perfect naptime filler, I started with an old sewing machine inherited from my great grandma, in the fall of 2010. That old machine was very frustrating to use and I had to draw myself a tutorial on how to thread it and now I have a husqvarna Emerald 116 that I love and can thread easily!
A bib and a dress (now shirt that looks super cute over jeggings):

I also thouroughly enjoy felt crafts (amongst others). I'm thinking of starting with some wood crafting too - since I want my baby girl to have a play kitchen and funds are limited. (this will likely be a summer project since that's when babes has her birthday!)
felt fun in the way of hair accessories and a tooth fairy pillow:

I get many ideas for my sewing and felt projects from tutorials, looking at pictures, and some of my own. Since I don't have a printer I usually make up my own patterns for things and I almost always modify/change things from the tutorials I use for inspiration.
I also think I should mention in this introduction that I am aware my picture taking skills are lacking - and I apologize, this is something I will work on.

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